We provide consultancy services in the following areas:

Product Definition:

Providing guidance for creating error free drawings/designs with required datums/reference, limits, fits and tolerance with proper GD &T. Implementations of various standards for welding and surface finish symbols. Guidance of addressing various manufacturing issues at the design/drawing stages to avoid costly errors during manufacturing and assembly. Guidance for adopting DFMA principles for design optimisation.

Drawing Change Management:

Providing complete guidance for Change/revision implementation in drawing. Consideration of various issues like reasong for change, effect of change on existing production etc., Drawing revision control and traceability.

Product Design for Sheet Metal parts:

Providing complete guidance for sheet metal part design. Sheet Material – Ferros and non-ferros. Blank Development and Bend allowance, Design consideration like Min. Flange length, Minimum Hole/distance, pitch etc., Sheet metal prats for press brake bending. Laser cutting/ waer jet cutting / punch press consideration in part design. Assembly of sheet metal parts – Methods and Design considerations. Finishing of Sheet Metal Parts.

Product Design for Plastic parts:

Types of plastics. Injection moulding process. Selection of parting line. Providing mould draft. Runner, Gate, Ejection etc., Uniform thickness, Ribs, Avoiding Side Cores, Use of Inserts, Different Locking Methods. How to avoid mould defects. Etc.,

Product Design for Castings /Die Casting parts:

Different Die Casting process. Die casting materials. Selection of parting line. Runner, Gate, Ejection etc., Providing die releasing draft. Uniform thickness, Ribs, Avoiding Side Cores, Use of Inserts, Blow holes and casting defects. Etc.,

2.Technical Training Services:
  • For Students
  • Working Professionals
  • Corporate trainings

3.Staffing Services

We provide technically trained staffs for engineering Industries.